Create Free Website [Free Hosting + Domain]

Many of internet users has been worrying on how to create their own complete free website [free hosting + domain] including SSL certificate for free.
in this Article I will be teaching you how to get your website for free and also shows you how to install and customize your theme to attract your visitors. this going to be cool experience for you if you don’t have any idea on how to create your own website for free.

follow my step to step guide to know everything about hosting a website with free domain.

Step one: Register your domain

You have to get a Domain,
Don’t worry Everything is going to be free!

Before i further we have to explain what is domain name.
(if you have already know what is all about domain name please skip to next step.)

Domain Name is the acronym given to your website e.g , domain name extension may be different sometimes.  we have domain extensions like
dot com
dot org
dot net, e.t.c . its your opinion to decide how you want your website domain name to look like.

How to Register your free domain.


go to
this is one of the best website that provide you free domain name.


check availability of your domain by searching on the domain name you want to register. and ensure if you search on a particular domain and the domain is not available or is already taken by someone else, kindly re-phrase your domain name or use another name entirely.
These are the list of domain extension you can get from

Only the listed domain can be get free on this website.

After you find your desire domain just click get it now.

You will be directed to checkout page where you will be able to select the year you want to register for your domain and also to configure your DNS , don’t worry about these now, just skip i will explain on how to configure the DNS later in our discussion..
ensure you fill other necessary information on the page such like email and verify your email. verification link will be sent to your email instantly. Login to your email and confirm your registration from Freenom and fill all form required.
All registration is between 2-5 minute.

Note: your domain will not be live until you get your hosting together.

Step three(3): How to get free hosting

These website is providing you free unlimited hosting.

These are the features you get from

-Unlimited storage/bandwidth

-400 MySQL databases

-Average load times

-Easy and Fast Account Registration

-Customer Life Support

Step Four(4)

Click on signup now and enter all the required information (your email, and choose your unique password)

Step Five (5)Add your domain

Login to your hosting Account and click on New Account.

provide your new hosting account details.
Copy your domain name on the field provided for.

Use my own domain(use your freenum domain)
Then click on create account and thats is all!

Step Six(6)Connect your domain name with your Hosting Account

There is need to connect the domain and the hosting Account since both are not from the same provider.

Login to your Account at

inside your Dashboard click on Manage Domain.

Goto Management Tools > Name Servers

Use custom nameservers

enter the following into the field

click on change server.

Thats all.

Now , its time to goto our Controlpanel. Where we install our wordpress website


Click here to Learn how to install WorkPress to your

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