ACCRA poem by Alao ebenezer

I arrived in Accra a Pangloss of seasons
With towering ambitions to compose away poems of stinking exile…
I stormed the city Accra buying away best gospellers
In the scripture union bookshop
And the Pentecostal shops of the city…
I pepped up my dwindling faith with spirited literatures
And took as stimulant the poet-prophet book
As a prototype To leave me through
The tunnel of the pen-pushers globe of creativity
I hear and learn the ropes from Dostoevsky
As writer of universal approbation…
I outlived misery in Accra dwelling in tinted hotels and dinning
In Chinese restaurant of the metropolis…
I lived with books as companion solace peer
And glorious hope of looming days
On the azure horizon of strutting days my ways…
I met there dark Margret with lustres of angels of love…
I paid royal visit of the Tsigane colours to the press
And with warm embrace of love for Canada and America
I sought enthusiasm to fly to these countries with airport hopes
From the promontory of setting suns…
And with exultant and exultant spirit
I regain my plomb of the poet prophet in the city
I still dream of the beach in Accra…
O Accra…
O Accra…

25 june 2007

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