Does Changing Domains Have a Bad Impact?

This is the question that always come to the mind of a blogger, This makes them to think and re-think when they want to change the domain on their blog, this fact often make them worried about SEO and traffic which is likely to change and be disliked by many investors, bloggers must also know especially one who want to change domains when already have a good traffic and SEO is great fit to occupy the SERP. With this high traffic it will be safe if you want to create a new domain, why do I say save when the traffic is high? there are many answers including:

Does it affect SEO

You don’t have to worry about SEO because all permalinks on the redirect are based on automatic, so the traffic stays good and significantly all keywords that are already in the automatic SERP you are going to have them back, but with the terms of interface you don’t need to change the template because if you change the template this will prevent the bot robot from indexing all the content and structure of the meta on your blog, finally your blog will be slow to return to index. Thou this will just take some little time. Everything will return to normal

Does it Affect my PageRank

For PageRank it will definitely disappear, you have to start again because domain changes are like changing your home address, but don’t worry since the most important traffic is still coming, PageRank is only a part of SEO, you will be back again rank easily.

Does it Affect Alexa Rank

Yes, of course you have to start with a zero value but again when the traffic is still high the Alexa number will rise dramatically in an instant, if you don’t believe you can try it.

                  This is the review base on my experience when changing my website domains and I managed to restore traffic and PageRank together with the SEO only when traffic is still high, and my reason is why we choose high traffic when changing domains, as I have said so that all can return quickly. But if you change domains when traffic was down. You may likely struggle to develop this new domain. The first reason is with high traffic you can introduce directly to visitors that your domain is changing and this is a good opportunity to bring visitors with a new name so they remember your new domain, so try to make the domain simple not too long so that visitors can remember it


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