Steps for Running a successful AdSense

Running a successful AdSense with high revenue is the next step after you register AdSense and you have get approval. in this case there are still many people who fail with AdSense, why? because after they gets an AdSense account and applies ads on their blog in fact when they see the ads start showing on their blog this makes them nervous and abandon some necessary things to do. AdSense success is based on the comings of traffic, not from the placement of advertisements or attempts to replace banner ads.

Nevertheless, all can be successful with AdSense because many people who succeed in AdSense focus more on this high traffic to the blog. To get this, unique and relevant posts are a powerful weapon to bring blog traffic, so for this, I will say AdSense and traffic are very much close. to deal with this, I will explain few tips to optimize your AdSense revenue, here are the tips:

Writing Unique Articles

Absolutely unique and original articles are very powerful tools that bring traffic to a blog, unique and original contents are the most things that you must apply because google AdSense does not like things that do not provide user experience. for that if you still think that your article is still not good in terms of providing user experience, it would be better if you think about this again. And recap for writing a user experience and genuine Article. Which most of your users will always visit more of your page.

Bring Traffic to the Blog

A clear and tangible step is your blog traffic must meet the standard first. if your traffic is still low, it is possible for earnings to be difficult to get every month, for this traffic is very important to make earnings on your blog. some people who have worked with their AdSense have very good traffic. the clear and tangible target of the results you must meet the standards and standards that are best for my recommendation is that your blog must have at least 1000 unique visitors per day. this is what you have to think about again.

Checking Ads that Appears

Always paying attention to the ads that appear on your blog, this is a method that I often use, why I say this method. because by checking ads that appears on my page or frequent ads that appear I continue to make articles like advertising keywords that appear a lot, this is a good method that add to the success of running your blog

Google AdSense policy

make sure you do abide by the rule and regulation of Google AdSense on your blog. And also keep checking policy center to know which of your site or page violates a policy, and as a guidance you need to fix those issues. This will make you not to lose some revenue in your Account.


In conclusion, this are method I use to make earnings on my blog, always looking for new legit ideas and try applying all those things. all need is sacrifice. no matter how small it is, small thing will be great if we want to do it.

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