Tips for Managing a Blog for Best Result

Some time you get to be wondered why your website is getting better every day or why it goes down from SERP. This might be one of the big questions for you right now. People are not more aware of some mistakes in managing a website. Here I will explain some tips on managing a website, which will make your website continue to be on the search page & mainly to continue to rank first on the search engine. This may require a little hard work because most of our competitors might also be doing things that will improve their website, we might not be aware of. For this we must improve website and re-organize it properly. Here are some tips for managing a website that you must do so


The first thing that most blogger or webmaster often forget is posting on their website regularly, this is just an easy job, but not many bloggers want to post at the right time. There are many things wrong in this matter, you also need to know that Google or other search engines mostly love websites that keep on providing the latest information, and if your website is not updated frequently it will be easily shifted down to your competitors.
Though it’s not a matter of posting every day, but at least twice in a week. Your post will have a positive impact on your website.
Remember…!!! search engines will continue to grow to find websites that always provide updated information.


Managing a website is indeed not easy, but if your website gets heavier every day, it certainly won’t be good, so check your website regularly through online tools such as gtmetrix . if you always care about the speed of your site, it will be more difficult for competitors to beat you, the appropriate score for your site speed if you are using gtmetrix must be above 80%.

The reason why you have to check the speed is that, search engines also judge sites through access speed, which means that if your site is slow there will be an exception, and if your competitors are faster, then you must accept the results . WordPress users can use the cache plugin to speed up the site. That’s the second point about how to manage a website.
Things that makes your website run slow
1. Use of too much plugins can slow down a website
2. Slow hosting provider
3. Overload database
4. Low bandwidth


Broken links are also one of the causes of why your website can rank down from search results, the more broken links you receive, the worse your website will be in the eyes of search engines. Unconsciously, broken links are one of the things that are often overlooked by website owners which sound not very good.
For this, fix your site right now, fix all permalinks that cause broken links. This is the next step to managing the website so it is not easy to slide with competitors.


This is mostly for WordPress users, if you are someone that not worry about updating plugins or themes on your website. This is one of the things that is wrong in managing the website, although this does not have a significant impact on SEO, but with latest updated version, this will reduce new problems in managing the website and can reduce the risk of vulnerability on your websites. For this reason, if you see a plugin notification for update, immediately do an update so that the website does not occur in the future.


When talking about bounce rates is not easy, because we do not know how a visitor can linger on our website and open another page, but by providing a better experience like the latest content by linking old content or providing related posts and widgets will give users direction to open another page. Leaving bounce rate can also be a serious problem. For this reason, try to reduce the bounce rate so that the website can continue on the SERP. You can also read about what is bounce rate ?

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