Understanding Cpanel Web Hosting

Cpanel (Control panel) is a web hosting dashboard that functions as a control panel provided by hosting provider to a website owner which is currently the most popular and most widely used in the world. The facilities provided by Cpanel will make it easier for hosting account owners to manage everything about their web hosting. Through this Cpanel facility you can manage all forms of your hosting management such as uploading websites, creating databases, managing email accounts, Managing FTP, managing add-ons and domain, seeing website statistics traffics and others.

As one of those people who battles through the online world, particularly blogging, obviously, there are many things that are no more strange to you.

web hosting settings have indeed become very popular through providing conveniences and easy to use that can facilitate the management of sites that you have. For Cpanel facilities or web hosting panel control actually a lot. However, among those Cpanel is the most famous and has the best credibility in the eyes of all bloggers. 

To be able to use this web hosting facilities, users must use a genuine username and password which was provided during the registration of the hosting account. For how to access Cpanel itself, it is been access through a browser with the internet, such as Chrome, Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera mini  and others. Now as an outline of Cpanel it can be likened to a bridge that will order techniques to various website support programs that already exist on your web server. Some supporting programs are contained in Cpanel web hosting, for example, like MySQL, PHP, LiteSpeed , Apache.

How to Access

Most web hosting provider make Cpanel accessible to the website owner through AMP and WHM .
To asces your website Cpanel .

open your browser and visit www.yourwebsite.com/Cpanel
That’s all !

Cpanel Web Hosting Function

As a bridge that governs all orders for web hosting programs, a web designer will be able to manage their website very easily. Some of the advantages of the Cpanel web hosting function can be used are:

  • To upload website files and databases
  • To create or delete an email address
  • To manage apache server
  • Create or delete a name or user in a MySQL database
  • Can be used to create email forwarders
  • To set the PHP configuration
  • To configure the security of the website folder
  • To see statistics from your website visit
  • To set up a sub domain or can also add a domain
  • To install the Website Scripts, and many more.
  • To manage DNS and redirections
  • To manage or install SSL certificates

With the several functions of Cpanel the use of this facility can facilitate all your activities in managing your website for best result.

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