Important Health Benefits of Basil Leaf

Botanically known as Ocimum gratissimum, This is a leave that’s very common in Nigeria Popularly known as efirin by the Yorubas, Ibo call it chanwu and know by daidoya in the northern part of Nigeria. most of time we hear about this plant and we even consume more of the fragrant leaves called basil, usually we only consider basil leaves as vegetable leaves when eating catfish or pepper soup. this plant thrives in tropical climates such as in West Africa. and often we encounter basil plants in our backyard if you are in a rural area. basil leaves in addition to vegetables it can also be used for treatment, of course you will be surprised by the benefits of the following basil leaves.
Some people think that basil is an ordinary plant and has no properties, but make no mistake after you read this article you will know that basil is a plant that can be used for natural medicine. The following are the benefits and benefits of basil leaves for health :

1.To eliminate mouth odor

one of the benefits of basil is to eliminate bad breath that is very disturbing. if you suffer from bad breath you will no longer be confident if you are with your friends or business friends, to get ride of this you should use basil leaves to treat it. this method is quite easy.

Take the leaves, seeds and basil root after you get and then wash them and then use hot water. You can you add honey or brown sugar so it doesn’t taste bitter then drink the basil concoction before you do the activity. read more details on How to Get Rid of Mouth Odor

2.To treat Skin Rashes/tinea versicolor

Tinea versicolor is one of the skin diseases caused by fungal skin, usually this tinea versicolor will quickly spread and spread through sweat or clothing from sufferers of phlegm. for how to treat tinea versicolor with your basil leaves, just take a few leaves, then wash them, then smooth the leaves and add enough whiting water then scrub the skin affected by phlegm, let stand a few minutes then rinse, do this twice each day.

3.To treat canker sores/Mouth ulcers

The properties of basil leaves is as a thrush drug. if you suffer from canker sores you can take advantage of basil leaves to treat canker sores. It’s quite easy, first of all, you just need to take a few basil leaves, then wash and then chew the basil leaves for about three to 5 minutes. after soft basil leaves you can swallow with warm water. for treatment you should do it three times every day.

4. To Smooth Blood Flow

The benefits of the next basil leaf are to facilitate blood flow, because basil is one of the plants that produce magnesium which functions to relax blood vessels and the heart. so that the blood flow to grow will be smooth.

5. To treat flu and nausea

often if you have nausea and flu you can use the treatment method using basil leaves, the method is quite easy by taking a few basil leaves then dry them until they are completely dry after the leaves dry you can brew the leaves with hot water tea. then drink regularly. recommended twice a day.

6.To Treat Bloated Stomach

Another benefits of the next basil to treat flatulence, flatulence are many causes and not infrequently we see the sufferer often experience pain and pain in the stomach. to treat flatulence you can use traditional recipes from basil plants how to take enough basil leaves then boil with enough water about one glass then add red onion to taste too. add coconut oil then apply to a bloated stomach.

Thus the benefits of basil leaves are more than what we have stated, there are many more benefits of plants around us and we do not yet know. Earth is created for humans, and plants are one of the media that is rich in benefits for survival. keep on following my article because you will find the properties of plants around us

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