How to grow your hair longer with natural care

Indeed hair is one of the panoramas of the aura of women, just like hair is a crown, that’s why we see many women who deliberately lengthen their hair because with long hair women will dazzle and certainly has its own charm. Many women complain why their hair have not grows in lengthy after much try to extend it. there are so many causes, but most likely the hair is not healthy for that, please read your post on the NATURAL HAIR CARE TIPS . in this way you will have healthy and shiny hair.

As mentioned above, that hair is a crown which must be maintained and treated with healthy, applying natural methods is more safe instead of using chemicals, because instead of your hair to be healthy and lustrous but otherwise seem dull and damaged, the following are natural tips to extend the hair length and healthy:

A. Using Apple skin

One way to prolong hair is to use apple skin, apple skin is very good for lengthening hair while being able to treat healthy hair. many Research proves that apple skin contains polyphenols, which are very good for treating and nourishing hair. use it as follows:
1. Peel apple skin at least 3 pieces of apple peel
2. After you get the apple skin then blender the apple skin until smooth.
3. if it’s smooth, apply it to your hair, if you’ve waited until approximately 18 to 25 minutes
4. Then rinse it using clean water, please repeat this at least once a week then your hair will be fast.

B. Using Olive Oil

As we have discussed, olive oil is very good for hair health in addition to healthy olive oil is also useful to stimulate the growth of hair organs. the efficacy of olive oil is also to shine your hair. Here’s how to use it:
1. After dressing, apply olive oil, a maximum of 6 drops.
2. Perform a healthy massage on the scalp
3. After you apply the olive oil silently until last night, you rinse the next morning. for that use olive oil at night so that olive oil can seep to get maximum results.
4. Rinse your hair using clean water, do this at least once a week.

These are the natural health benefit of Olive oil you must know

C. Using Green Tea

For tips on lengthening the third hair you can use Green Tea, in addition to green tea is very good for health, especially to maintain the body metabolism. Using green tea you can also use to lengthen hair. As said by health experts that green tea is rich in oxidants which help smooth blood to the hair. Here’s how to use it: to use this natural herb not too difficult to drink one glass of green tea and then flatten it throughout the scalp then let stand about 25 minutes do not forget to wrap it using a new towel then rinse thoroughly, do this once a week your hair will always grow fast, long and healthy.

This is how to lengthen hair naturally and of course healthy, I hope this article is useful for you.

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