Natural tips for hair treatment

Natural tips for hair treatment

As a woman of course, hair is one of the most beautiful jewelry and the hair itself is a crown of visible human organs. of course, you have to look beautiful and shiny. especially if you are a woman this is your demand to care for him. maybe a lot of tips and methods are used to treat hair , but there’s nothing wrong if i also writes how to treat hair to keep it shiny and beautiful.
If you haven’t done it, of course you already think that caring for hair is a difficult and saturating thing, but wait a minute. actually to take care of hair naturally you will not feel difficult and lazy, because with this special tips for treating hair so that it is healthy and shiny .
follows these tips for the care of your hair:

Natural tips for hair treatment

1. Use Olive Oil.

This traditional method has been proven so long from our ancestors. the benefits of olive oil to nourish the scalp and nourish our hair, to use it you can use warm olive oil by adding olive oil to the surface of the scalp and let it sit for about 5 minutes. after that ,wash your hair using shampoo then rinse, do it regularly in one week twice then your hair will be healthy and shiny.

2. Using apple cider vinegar.

Can you use apple cider vinegar to treat your hair to reduce split hair (damaged) and make your hair softer, for the method, please use one spoonful of wheat oil and mix with half a cup of apple cider vinegar then mix with enough water. apply all of the mixture to all of your hair after shampooing in a condition where the hair is still wet. then let stand for about ten minutes, then rinse your hair using water to clean. do this twice a week.

3. Using Avocados

The third natural care is use avocados because of the nature of the avocado itself to moisturize the hair and nourish the scalp, to use the avocado, blend one avocado then mix with white egg, then apply to all parts of the hair do also massage relax for a few minutes later rinse your hair clean using water.

4. Using Natural Oils

Oils are dazzling to shine your hair and maintain healthy hair, you can use coconut oil or sunflower oil. Use it after you shampoo , then coat your hair with the oil. let it stand for about 15 minutes don’t forget to wrap with a towel then rinse with water until clean. do this once a week so that your hair will always shiny and beautiful.

Those are 4 easy natural tips for caring for your hair to be healthy and shiny. I hope this article is useful for you.

Here's are also additional thing you need to keep your hair healthy.

B vitamins complex: It is necessary to provide scalp and hair follicles with oxygen. it contributes to hair growth and strength. B vitamins can be obtained from natural sources like chicken, tuna and salmon, as well as buy pills.

Zinc: In the head there are glands that need to function normally and produce skin fat. Their work disorder can cause scalp dandruff, dandruff and fatigue. It is necessary to eat nuts, whole herbs, lentils, meat and seafood to get enough hair zinc.

Copper: Different organs need oxygen and hemoglobin to provide enough blood. Copper promotes large quantities of hemoglobin production. The lack of it can lead to hair loss and weakening. A good source of copper is sesame seeds, soybean, nuts, meat and seafood.

Iron. Iron is a very important element, especially for women, because they lose blood. Even pregnant and nursing mothers should receive a large amount of iron, as it contributes to hemoglobin production. Iron deficiency is weak in iron. It is necessary to eat spinach, soya, red beans, chicken, meat, eggs and fish. The animal origin is better absorbed by the organism.

 Vitamin C. Collagen production is very important for strong hair. Vitamin C promotes it. You should use oranges, lemon, berries, watermelons and tomatoes. Smokers need more vitamin C and fruits.

Protein: It is a very important nutrient that works for all tissues of the body as a building material. It promotes the growth of new ones instead of lost hair.

Proper nutrition can help control hair loss. Instead of putting hope on shampoos and preparations, make sure that you get the necessary ingredients from the products you use.

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