index of /

some time when open a website we see thing like

index of /:
index of /download
index of /sql
index of /zip
index of /serial
index of /movie
index of /database
index of /hack
index of /rar
index of

The website root or root folder is the folder that contain all your website or blog files. This also knowns as www root folder or htdoc folder. At the root of the site you can upload a picture, video, html page and other web file like php files, all will then be available on the Internet. Generally, if you don’t upload to the root of the site, it will all be available to visitors as .
If you always make a regular html site that consists of html pages and others, then you just need to load these pages into the root folder and that’s all, make sure there is presence of index file in your root folder to avoid your files visible and vulnerable to your visitors. And also If you decide to create a website on using content management software (CMS) such as wordpress, joomla, drupal or other then this software should also be installed in the root folder

Root of website

Sometimes people ask “Where is the root of the site?” this depend on your hosting services, On each hosting, the root folder will be called differently, but usually it is public_html, www, domains or HTDOCS .
If you want to acess this root folder. Firstly go to your hosting control panel. This are the information your hosting servise will send to you anytime you purchase a hosting plan. This include your cpanel login details, Ftp, email and database details. You can also read about understanding Cpanel I already published. Then try to find any folder that I wrote about above (htdoc, public_html, www). If you find, then everything is fine, this is the root of your resource. You can upload any files there and watch them in your browser.

Read how to manage and understand Cpanel
Also If your blog is based on wordpress, then the site root is located where the wp-admin, wp-content, wp-includes, etc. folders are located on wp.
You can install wordpress directly from your cpanel. Check this video.

Important of Index file on a root folder

The only best way to protect your website when come to website design and development is to properly structured your files in root folder. The index directory is very important for the present inside the web folder. The index file is responsible for the listing of website files inside a root folder, if the index file (index.html, index.php ) is absent in the folder directory , your browser show the visitor a list of files inside the folder.

This can be embarrassing and sound unprofessional and at mostly a security risk. Because user can access directly all the file that make up your website and probably download them all including all zip files.

Follow the instructions below to learn about 

How to prevent "Index Of" listing page

its very important to protect root folder of our domain for index listing of the website . one of the best method is to prevent “index of ” listing page is using the  index manager on the cPanel. follow the steps to prevent “Index Of” listing page

1st step: Login to your controlPanel

Step two

Inside cPanel check for index manager under  Advanced category. 


Step 3:

click setting and select the domain you want to to protect for index. Click the Go button to continue.

the page show here is a list of all folders under the domain you selected. You can select any one or multiple folders you want to protect by clicking the name. If you select a directory, the directory will split down into sub directories  to all other folders. For example, is we are just uploading our website for the first time in which there is no index to appear then we will select the public_html folder as it contain the root for our primary domain and we want to protect all folders in this domain.

Step 4

you will be show to select the index style you want for the directory.

To prevent any index listing, select the No Indexing radio button. The Click Save to activate the selection. Having doing this we have successfully prevent index listing on our website.

Now Visit your website and click on a folder that does not have an index file. You should receive a 403 Forbidden page instead of a listing the file.


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