Download candy crush for pc

Download candy crush for pc

It is not uncommon game when its world Candy Crush Saga , a reasoning game for PC and other mobile platforms  iOS , Windows Phone and the popularly Android . that has the challenge of combining similar candy formats with their respective colors. This is application is also similar to Bewejeled , but fully with much more fun, moreover it uses succulent treats instead of precious stones. Here you are going to download candy crush for pc.
But let take a look on how to play the game. You can skip this stage and move
directly to download link below.

How to Play Candy Crush Saga

Am going to show you how to win this the game. Yes,your challenge is to remove all the candy from the board. For this, you will need to move the treats until you combine them with two of the same shape and color. Once this is done, then the parts are removed from the tray.

After moving from this level, you will then be advance to new phases that will become increasingly more difficult compare to previous page, because when moving a piece of the board, you may be surprised by a sugar bomb that can end your game immediately.

As you are following, There are over 400 (that’s right, 400) stages for you to enjoy. After you complete each step, with each of 15 phases, you will then need to unlock a new level. You can make this short this by asking friends on Facebook, buying from the game’s store or playing three missions, one every 24 hours. Every stages have each fun names playing with goodies, such as Salgado Gorge, Easter Bunny Hills, Chiclete Bridge etc. The phases are different and at every each stage, also new challenges are added. That way, there is no risk of the game falling into the sameness.

How to Calculated movements

The only difference of Candy Crush Saga  game with the others game is that it is not that necessary to run against the time to empty the board as the chronometer commands, except only for the phases in which it is the challenge. You should be more aware of the objectives of every phase and the missions given. Each and every phase counts with a certain amount of movements, so exceeding this limit, you cannot move the sweets any more and you must restart the game before continue.

Like  most common missions of Candy Crush game are to move the ingredients to the bottom of the board without having to remove them all, and also destroy bullets or gums only.

Tips for playing Candy Crush Saga

The first tip for you that wants to win matches is to save the lives you receive from friends. The app only identifies five lives, so if you use them all at once, you may lose your precious stock. Also, it is advisable to store the colored fish for the end. They are very useful for removing jellies from complicated places.

One of the tips is if you start a game with very bad balls, exit the game and start it again. Thus, the candy will enter new positions. You can also always play in the lower part of the board, as the chances of the candy descending faster increase.

For those who play online, another recommendation is to use Leethax . This Firefox extension gives you endless lives as well as special sweets to help you through difficult times . However, it’s good not to abuse, because the Candy Crush differential is the constant and gradual challenge.

Playing on the PC

You can play on your computer without being connected to the internet. To do this, you must first install BlueStacks and have an account with Google Play. You only need to be online to download this application. After this step, you can start the offline games.


 For our opinion

When playing Candy Crush Saga, you may remember games like the popular Bejeweled, but some features make this game much more elaborate for players. For starters, it surpasses the like of the genre with missions that give an extra bit of strategy to the usual formula.

In addition, because it started on Facebook, its integration with the social network is total, there is a ranking with points of your friends. A limited number of lives and moves also makes the game more complex.

Although the early stages serve more as a preparation and recognition of the title, more advanced levels (illustrated by a map similar to those of Super Mario Bros) require a lot of practice and quick thinking. More lazy players may get bored with the difficulty.

Special powers also give more dynamics to the game. The problem is that to unlock most, you have to use real money and not the famous golden coins of the games. Some can be acquired as levels go by.

Extra moves are also a hand in the wheel at the time of the tightening and lack of options in the most difficult steps, however they are also paid. Although the game is not one of those that stimulate the player to spend with extra items, it is really complicated, even for the best heads, to win the final stages without a little extra help.

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