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Applying for an Australian Visa Guide

A visa application requires many formalities and steps to be completed in an orderly manner. Completing forms, paying costs and meeting other criteria in an appropriate procedure is of paramount importance.

This is a comprehensive guide that tells you about the important things you need to know when applying for an Australian VISA. Remember that the slightest mistake can delay, cancel or extend the process. Therefore, do each step carefully and carefully.

VISA Request and Approval

If you are applying for an Australian VISA abroad, you must be outside of Australia during the decision-making process. However, if the application is submitted in Australia, your presence on the continent is mandatory. If you have applied for an Australian VISA in the country, you must ensure that your VISA return visa is ready, otherwise, it can lead to complications if your application is not approved. In general, a relay visa is granted to candidates to legalize their stay in the country until the application is approved.

VISA migration: If you are applying for migration to Australia, you must complete all the formalities required for a permanent stay in the country. Applications, fees and documents must be sent to a DIMIA office or a foreign mission in Australia.

VISA of visitor: in the case of VISA of a visitor, the decision is taken during the waiting period. If your VISA is refused, you will receive a notice of refusal and, if applicable, will indicate it on your passport.

Other VISA: for all types of VISA except visitors and MigExtensions and Restrictions

If you intend to stay longer, even after the VISA deadline, you must apply for a new VISA before the expiry of the one used. If you do not meet the deadline and your stay in Australia is not granted by a visa, you will be sentenced, fined and punished for a crime.

Illegal residence in Australia is a criminal offence that can result in a 6-month prison sentence or your deportation. If you are deported, you can not enter Australia for about 1 to 3 years.

If you wish to change the status of your VISA, you must submit an application again abroad. VISA, if it is refused, you will receive a letter. The letter contains details on why your application was not accepted if you can reapply, the deadline for the next application and other relevant information.