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As an English Teacher, Here are the top places for you in the Asian country

If you are looking for an extremely rewarding and being experienced, consider teaching abroad in an Asian country like Cambodia, China, Taiwan, Thailand or Vietnam. Education opportunities in Asia generally result in high salaries because of the strength of their economy and the dedication to education that is common to their culture. As English is the universal language of business, information technology and science, there is a strong demand for English as a Second Language class. Schools in these Asian countries particularly like English-speaking teachers.

Here are the top places to teach in Asian Country;

1. Teach English in Cambodia

With war and the Khmer Rouge a distant memory, Cambodia has become one of the best travel destinations in Southeast Asia. The beautiful architecture of Angkor Wat, the jungle-covered temple of Beng Mealea and the sights and sounds of Siem Reap are just a few reasons to visit Cambodia. The demand for English teachers in Cambodia is very high. With tourism on the rise, the ability to speak English is extremely important for the livelihood of many Cambodians. The opportunity to teach abroad in Cambodia is a life-changing experience for both students and teachers.

2. Teach English in Taiwan

Taiwan is a small island off China. The official language of Taiwan is Mandarin Chinese, although English is highly recommended in schools. Taiwan is a safe country offering a variety of landscapes, ranging from picturesque mountains and lush forests to tropical beaches, and is fast becoming one of the best tourist destinations in Asia.

3. Teach English in China

China is one of the oldest civilizations and a popular destination for teaching English abroad for many reasons. If you decide to teach English in China, you will gain invaluable knowledge of the country, culture and language. Practical knowledge and experience in China are a sought after asset in almost every sector. When you teach in China, you expand your options for the future.

4. Teach English in Vietnam

Vietnam is a very popular destination for people who want to teach abroad. The low cost of living in Vietnam allows teachers to save money when working abroad. Vietnam has some of the most spectacular landscapes, including mountain ranges and breathtaking beaches.