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Canada Tips: Which immigration program is right for you?

People move to Canada for a variety of reasons, and the country offers more than 60 programs for immigrants. Without cutting words, the Canadian government often adjusts its programs to welcome new immigrants.

Some of the factors that determine which Canadian immigration program is right for you are your current situation and goals.

The different categories to which professionals and employees can apply are the Canadian Experience Category, the skilled worker programs of the federal government of Quebec and the candidate programs of the provinces. These immigrants may even be eligible for the Canadian Immigration Service visa over time.

Family class sponsorship programs are also available. This allows permanent residents and Canadian citizens to sponsor their loved ones for Canadian immigration. The multi-year plan for immigration levels was recently announced.

This new development will encourage more immigrants to enter Canada through different programs over time.

Canada has announced a multi-year plan for immigration levels, which will welcome more immigrants over the next few years through economic programs, family sponsorships and other programs.

LGBTQ2 immigrants have access to the same rights and opportunities as any other immigrant.

Here are some of the factors that can determine which Canadian immigration program is best for you.

A Canadian job offer.
Work experience or any level of study in Canada.
Post-secondary education.
A business that you own or manage.
Friends or relatives in Canada.
Minimum one year of qualified work experience in Canada.
High asset value or exceptional financial resources.
Check out some Canadian immigration programs to consider if you plan to move to Canada.

Quebec Experience Class

Immigrants will find it easier to move to Quebec permanently if they have studied or worked in the province.

Trained workers

This program is based on factors such as an immigrant’s education, work experience and age.

Family class sponsorship

This program offers people with close relatives in Canada the possibility of being sponsored in the country.

Canadian Experience Class

This program is designed for those who have professional, qualified or technical experience. These candidates can move around the country permanently.

Provincial candidate

Canadian provinces and territories may designate persons who wish to emigrate to Canada and who wish to settle in a particular province or territory.

Investors and entrepreneurs

This program is reserved for immigrants who know the business well and who have significant equity.