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Check out Ten Reasons for Moving to Spain

When you consider moving to another part of the world, there are many considerations, not least work, and lifestyle. Here are ten good reasons why you should consider moving to Spain. Now that the real recession has hit homes for sale in Spain, they are well priced for the smart investor and living and working in Spain can be a comfortable option for the ex-pat who can work anywhere or whose company sends them there. Spain can offer you an interesting, exciting and fulfilling lifestyle and this is why.

1. The climate

Spain is a country of contrasts, from the green north of the country to the arid regions of Extremadura. However, what most people come to Spain are the long summers and mild winters. It is generally warm enough to go out for eight to nine months of the year and winters in T-shirts and shorts, although short and mild offer great possibilities for winter sports, as Spain is on average one of the highest countries in Europe

2. Food

More particularly Tapas. Spain is an oasis of regional culinary pride and tapas show this price. Small plates of food with drinks make drinking a much more civilized profession in Spain. Tapas are fantastic in Granada and Salamanca, for example. As for more extensive cuisine, Spain has 6 of the 20 best restaurants in Europe according to a recent study, including number one El Bulli in Catalonia.

3. Lifestyle

Spaniards generally live on the street instead of being locked up at home in front of the television. This changes from day to day, but is illustrated by the festivals that each small village organizes at a certain time of the year.

4. Social interaction

If you come to Spain and don’t learn the language, don’t wait too long in return. If you are trying to learn the language, the Spanish are very generous with their time and extremely curious about the expatriates who come to live here. The secret to having a great relationship with their neighbours in Spain is to communicate because Spanish people like to talk and give opinions. It’s not for nothing that the bars and restaurants are so noisy.

5. This sporting life

Spain excels in many sports such as football, basketball, handball, athletics, and even synchronized swimming. The collective is considered a good way to communicate socially, team sports are therefore practised with flying colours, even if the country succeeds as well in individual sports such as tennis. The main reasons why Spain excels are however very easy to explain, the investments in facilities, each small town has a large sports centre, the investments in training and the climate guarantee good weather conditions for the practice of the sport throughout the year.

6. Variety

Spain is a country of contrasts with a great history that begins to exploit the network on a commercial level. Spain has been occupied by the Romans and Moorish conquerors for over 700 years and has a rich vein of historic monuments and architectural styles. The country itself, however, is full of contrasts, from the vast plains (where rain rarely falls anyway) to the mountainous and verdant north, to the arid majesty of the south and the rice fields of Valencia. Spain has a little bit of everything for everyone.

7. Drinks

Most regions have their specialities. Cava (champagne) is produced from Catalonia, Asturian cider, Valencia horchata (tiger nut milk), then there are the more exotic ones such as Agua de Valencia (again in Valencia a mixture of cava, orange juice and vodka that the calimocho is often seen when running bulls in Pamplona where the cola is mixed with red wine and of course the ubiquitous Sangria.

8. Public transportation

Spain probably has the best and most modern high-speed rail system in Europe, and this is complemented by scenic landlines in many provinces that go at a much slower pace. The bus lines that cross the country mean you can get around pretty quickly, which is quite a success for such a large country. There is now also a decent internal flight schedule to connect the regions even faster.

9. Security

Spain is a very safe place to live in. You don’t even feel threatened on the street at night, as there are usually a lot of people around. Take basic precautions and Spain is an extremely family-friendly place and an ideal place to raise children without having to worry about their situation or what they do too much.

10. Property

As a real estate agent, I must declare that this information may not be unbiased, but property prices are now very affordable for the foreign buyer and, with interest rates, low refunds are also low. Those who come to live in Spain while maintaining their income from work can now be very comfortable even in the biggest cities because good deals abound. I would stay away from the Costas as it is not real Spanish life and I would go to the cities and areas around them as they offer so much more variety and a lifestyle all year round. The houses for sale in Spain are very varied and you should look at what suits the lifestyle you want here.