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Consider Moving To Boston – What You Need To Know About Moving To Boston

The day of the move is almost here! From boxes in your living room not knowing where you packed the spatula, moving around can be frustrating. Boston – there you are. Before you go, however, you need a few facts about your new home. Here they are the top five things to know when moving to Beantown.

Boston is a big city

While “fat” isn’t the only term Beantown describes, it certainly is. As far as the city limits are concerned, the city is not that big. Greater Boston, however, has about 6.4 million residents. It doesn’t stop there. The city is home to a quarter of a million students and has earned the city its name “Athens of the Americans”. However, “big” does not always mean that the city has terrible travel times. Make sure to pack your comfortable shoes because one of their nicknames is “The Walking City”. Many Bostonians do not have a car, but instead, use the city’s internationally renowned public transportation system.

Boston is a bustling city

All these 6.4 million people go to places – most of them in the centre. There are so many good reasons to move to Boston, such as their growing financial sector, excellent educational facilities and thriving medical research. They have the highest percentage of jobs per square mile in the country. The city is also a short walk from New York, another major metropolis. If you look at the number of tourists who make Boston their vacation destination each year, the more than 6 million people turn pale in comparison. Hosts in Boston (are you ready for this?) Over eighteen million tourists each year. I repeat that Boston is a busy city.

Boston is an expensive city

Save your money, because Boston has one of the highest living costs in the country. A medium bowl of clam chowder is good for $ 4.40. In Boston, a modest 2-bedroom apartment will cost around $ 1,300 or more. No problem; Boston has an average salary corresponding to exorbitant prices. The average family/household earns more than $ 77,000 a year. Enjoy your shellfish soup.

Boston is a tenant’s paradise

Rent is the name of the game when you move to Boston. If their current home has a reasonable journey time to the city centre, you may think they had trouble finding the resident. In Boston, 70% of housing is rented.

Boston is a lot of fun

To put it simply, Boston is a heavenly city for Americans who love fast living, enjoy entertainment on demand and the ability to relax or be entertained when needed. Moving to Boston is not an experience of cold concrete, steel and glass. Home to America’s first public park (circa 1640), Boston is still home to parks, green spaces and opportunities to get away from it all, even with its vibrant and vibrant activity. Boston is regularly ranked at the top of the world habitability ranking, and there are good reasons for these 18 million seekers of joy to return to the “Hub of the Universe”. Boston is rich in sites to see, history to appreciate and American heritage to appreciate. Boston is rich in culture, sports and history. From reenacting the Boston Tea Party to watching the Big Dig, you’ll love moving to Boston.