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Edinburgh is one of the most important and famous tourist locations of Europe; Examine the prime Travel Guide for Edinburgh Attractions


Edinburgh is one of the most important and famous tourist spots in Europe and has around 13 million people who visit Edinburgh attractions every year. This tourist town is also the capital of Scotland.

City Overview:

Edinburgh is also known for being one of the most beautiful heritage cities in the world. You can see many ancient heritage buildings while you are here and can also capture some of the finest styles of contemporary architecture in this city of diverse cultures.

Places to visit:

If you are a nature lover, a visit to the Royal Botanical Garden should be one of the first places on your itinerary.

Saint-Giles Cathedral is one of the rare cathedrals in the world not to have a bishop.

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You can taste the distinct flavor of Scottish whiskey at the Scotch Whiskey Heritage Center.

One of the most important attractions in Edinburgh is the Palace of Holyroodhouse. This house has housed many kings and queens of history.

Edinburgh Zoo offers a scintillating view of the entire city as it is located on the top of Corstorphine Hill. The zoo is home to different animals such as deer, rhino, tigers, polar bears among many other animals.

The Museum of Childhood has a huge collection of stuffed animals from around the world and is one of the only museums of its kind.

Book lovers would not want to miss a visit to the National Library which has a huge collection of books from around the world.

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Things you should do:

It would be a good idea to wake up early and enjoy the beautiful rays of the sun early in the morning.

Avoid traveling by taxi and rather see the beautiful city on foot.

Step back in history by visiting the city’s various museums, Edinburgh attractions that offer a rich insight into the history of the city.

Visit popular nightclubs and pubs and relax and enjoy the evenings.

Shopping and sports in the city:

One of the city’s most important shopping destinations in the St. James Center, which offers the perfect mix of branded and non-branded clothing in one store. The city is famous for its sports clubs and you can find around 65 different sports clubs here. The most played games are table tennis, squash, racketball, and tennis.

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How to spend the nightlife:

Edinburgh is one of the best places in the world for those who like to enjoy the nightlife. There are many bars and pubs in and around the city that provide the best in entertainment and fun for revelers. We can also enjoy some live performances in some pubs.

Famous festivals:

One of the main attractions in Edinburgh is the different festivals that take place in this city. Among the most important are the Edinburgh Hogmanay, the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, the Edinburgh International Festival, the Edinburgh Mela, the Edinburgh International Book Festival, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and the famous Edinburgh International Film Festival.