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First-Time Vacation in the United States – Three Great Places to Visit in San Francisco


Of all the US vacation destinations in California, California vacations tend to be the most popular and with the wide variety this state offers, it’s no wonder why. Check out the top tourist’s attraction that make San Francisco one of the most popular cities in California;

Coit Tower

Coit Tower is one of the most famous buildings in San Francisco. This impressive tower, which many shapes compare to the mouth of a fire, is located at the top of the historic Telegraph Hill on the northern shore. Climbing to the top will provide some of the most impressive views of the surrounding city that you can get, but many visit the tower for another reason. Coit Tower is home to several beautiful frescoes, most of which are inspired by the social realism style of the great Diego Rivera. A visit to see the beautiful wall towers is free for everyone if you want the view, but there is a small entrance fee.

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Golden Gate Park

The second item on our list is the magnificent Golden Gate Park. When most people think of impressive American parks, Central Park in New York usually comes to mind, but there is nothing about Golden Gate Park. This vast park is full of thousands of trees, beautiful greenery and many lovely walks. The eastern edge of the park is also home to two Victorian wonders, a magnificent circular lane on the Kizer Drive and the beautiful Victorian greenhouse. The west side of the park is home to a herd of bison, living outdoors in Bison Paddock.

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Presidio and the Golden Gate Bridge

Our last site is one that San Francisco must not miss, the famous Golden Gate Bridge and a trip to Presidio. The bridge is widely regarded as an engineering marvel and is well known for its iconic appearance and beautiful views from its decks. The impressive Presidio is a short walk from the bridge. Presidio has a long military history, which was used in the past to house Spanish and Mexican forces before it became an American military base. Today, however, it is famous for the Presidio Social Club, an excellent place for a restaurant meal, its beautiful tree-lined gardens, flower beds and open green spaces; You will press hard to find a more fantastic place in the city.

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