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Great Things to Do on Your Holidays To Benidorm

Benidorm, a town on the Costa Blanca, is today a popular tourist destination. People from all over Spain flock to this beautiful city for their holidays in Benidorm. The tourism industry is very to be desired, so tourists always come back to taste a new taste of this city. It is not only the Spanish who visit this beautiful city, you now see Europeans and other nationalities from different countries of the world come here every year.

The Costa Blanca generally has a lot to offer tourists. But if you are staying in this city, there are many different things to see during your stay. For your visit to this city, stop at the attractions of Levante, Poniente, Old Town and Ricon de Loix.

Playa Levante

It is the busiest part of the city, where people enjoy the range of beaches, hotels and nightlife for which the Costa Blanca and in particular this particular city has become famous. Thousands of hotels, ranging from two to five stars, have been built here and form the many skyscrapers that have become an iconic part of the landscape. Some of these hotels offer live entertainment at night. In this area, there are also cheaper hostels and apartments. This place is the centre of a unique nightlife. There are amusement parks, bars, restaurants and shops in the Levante district.

Playa Levante is a popular favourite beach – one of the best in Europe. This leads to Ricon de Loix and consists of two kilometres of golden sand. This beach is visited by tourists who want to relax on the beach and by people who want to participate in various water sports events. It is a very safe beach because the lifeguards always monitor the area. Here in Levante, you will have the chance to visit two theme parks. Aqualandia is one of these amusement parks with a dolphinarium and a bat cave. The other park, Mundomar, offers nautical activities from the giant slides.

The place has a beach with golden sand – Playa de Poniente. It is a quieter area than the Levante. It has a slow-moving one-way walk. The coast continues west to the quieter part of La Cala. What you see in Levante is also present here – bars, shops, cafes and hotels. This is where the 52-story Bali Hotel is located, a very expensive and luxurious hotel!

Visit the old town

This place symbolizes the old Spanish culture. The blue dome church is one of them. The white houses built along the winding cobbled streets illustrate the period of ancient Spanish culture. Here you will find the Benidorm Aquarium – a place where children and adults can enjoy the marine animals. Many hotels have been built there and these accommodations lead to Levante, Poniente and Malpas beaches. It will be a more enjoyable time if you experience one of the 50 celebrations celebrated here, so try to coincide your trip for one of these celebrations.

The very modern Ricon De Loix Are

It is exactly the opposite of the old town – modern Benidorm. The special offer is the lively indoor market. There is a lot of activity – with all kinds of shops and 2 British supermarkets. You will also find hotels, bars and restaurants here. Benidorm Palace is located in this fantastic entertainment area.

Your holidays in Benidorm will not be complete without discovering the waters of the three beaches, Levante, Poniente and Malpas. The four different places with their specific attractions are Levante, Poniente, Old Town and Ricon de Loix.