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High paid Jobs in USA – Immigrate and Explore Where to Find a Job in Las Vegas

Anyone who can land a job offer in Las Vegas is likely to earn more than workers in most other cities. A recent report from Forbes used data from PayScale to rank worker incomes in the top 100 metropolitan areas nationwide. The Las Vegas area ranked 15th, with the median city salary increasing by 13.9%, from $ 51,500 in 2012 to $ 58,700 in 2013.

El Paso, Texas

El Paso, Texas took the lead, with the median income of the city rising 19.4% to $ 49,100. At the other end of the scale, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, ranked last, with the median city salary falling 74% to $ 50,600.

Other cities near Las Vegas

Other cities near Las Vegas that have experienced economic hardship are also high on the list. Phoenix ranked tenth, with the median salary in the town increasing 15% to $ 61,100, while Bakersfield, California, ranked second, with the median city income rising 18.5% to $ 60,900.

The report notes that in some cities, a higher unemployment rate may be associated with an increase in average wages. Although the company can lay off a large number of employees, those who are left behind tend to take better-paying jobs, increasing the gross average wage.

While the Las Vegas economy appears to be improving, many experts say the recent drop in the city’s unemployment rate is only a result of a shrinking workforce. In keeping with this theory, the city continued to see a monthly and yearly decline in employment.

In November, the Las Vegas-Paradise region saw the unemployment rate drop from 13% to 12.1%, after declining by 13.9% in October. Despite this decline, the region’s current rate remains above the national unemployment rate of 10%.

The total number of nonfarm employment in the Las Vegas area reached 843,100 workers in November, according to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. That’s down from 851,900 workers in October and down 6.7% from a year ago.