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Hong Kong Travel Guide For The First-Timer Travellers

For the first time, visitors should keep in mind that Hong Kong has its immigration and visa system and that entering Hong Kong warrants a new visa. Hong Kong is today one of China’s brightest stars in international tourism. The city is increasingly becoming a global link for China to show its true culture and warmth. Then we have the Kowloon, an area of ​​approximately 2.1 million people. We also have “the new territories”, the new and newest land occupied by the British. Finally, the outer islands that complete Hong Kong are a group of islands located in the southern part of the SAR.


The main population in Hong Kong are Chinese, Han Chinese to be precise. Although there are other groups of Chinese such as Leo chews. Also, find a significant South Asian community that has been established for many years. Philipinos, Indonesians and Thais are also present in large numbers. The majority of people here speak Cantonese, to which few English words are added.

The Climate

The climate here is temperate most of the year. The minimum temperature in winter drops to 10 degrees, while the maximum summers are around 30 degrees. But in the spring from March to May, the weather is exceptionally pleasant with temperatures around the mid-twenties.

Moving here

For the first time, visitors should keep in mind that Hong Kong has its immigration and visa system and that entering Hong Kong warrants a new visa. Visitors arriving by air use the Hong Kong International Airport, the island’s main air entry point. Several major international destinations serve Hong Kong. Cathay Pacific and Drogon Air are the two most important international airlines in Hong Kong.

Move Around

From the airport, there are different ways to explore the city and its sights. You can always take the public bus system, which can take you to the four districts of Hong Kong. Ferries are also an option for sailing from Macau, and around Island Harbor. You can also use the metro because different lines cross the port. From the airport, the Airport Express is the best way to reach the city.

Main Attractions

A ferry gives you the best view of the famous Skyline. Other sights include Victoria Peak and the city’s traditional heritage regions. You can also take a look at the city’s famous museums, including the Hong Kong History Museum, which provides a detailed overview of the city’s past and present. You can also visit the different beautiful beaches here in the new areas.

The Food

The food here is quite diverse but is mainly focused on Chinese and seafood. Some of the most famous local dishes are Dim Sum, Sui Mei, Congee, Noodles and Tong Sui. Different types of seafood are also available for seafood lovers.


The rule of law in the city is strictly controlled by the police and the city, therefore, has a low crime rate. Unlike other Asian cities, street crime is low, but people should be aware of pickpocketing in busy markets.