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How To: Apply for a Canadian Temporary Work Permit


There are places where a foreigner can apply for a work permit:

A visa office outside Canada
A Canadian entry point
A visa office within CEGEPs Canada

The requirements for the different application locations are summarized below.

Apply at a visa office outside Canada

Anyone can apply for a work permit at a visa office outside Canada. However, the following people must apply for a work permit at a visa office outside Canada:

People who need a temporary resident permit (TRV) to enter Canada. Usually, anyone travelling to Canada must have a TRV as a temporary resident or employee. However, this rule does not apply:
Citizens of certain countries.
Travellers who have certain travel documents.
Foreigners coming to Canada for certain legally specified purposes.

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Persons to whom the above TRV exceptions apply may apply for a work permit at a Canadian or Canadian port of entry, depending on whether or not they require a medical examination.

People who need a medical examination to enter Canada. This applies to applicants who require a TRV to enter Canada and to applicants who do not require a TRV. If an applicant has already had a successful medical examination and is in possession of the results, they can apply for a work permit at a Canadian port of entry.


International participants in the youth exchange program. This requirement does not apply to U.S. citizens or permanent residents. In addition, certain foreign nationals who are not from the United States will sometimes be approved in advance by the responsible visa office and will not need to apply outside of Canada.
Seasonal agricultural workers.
Caregivers live.

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Apply at a Canadian port of entry

Most foreign employees must apply for a work permit outside of Canada (see above). However, some applicants may apply for a work permit upon arrival at a Canadian port of entry. An applicant can submit a request to a Canadian port of entry if they meet all of the following requirements:

They will not work as resident carers or seasonal workers in agriculture.
They do not need a TRV to enter Canada.
They passed the medical examination if necessary. (Medical examinations for candidates for temporary foreign employees)
Their employer submitted a copy of a valid LMIA if necessary.
Their employer paid the compliance fee and submitted a letter of offer to CIC.

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