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Jeddah – A Refreshing Mecca for Pilgrims and Tourists

Jeddah is best known as the gateway to the holiest place for Muslims on this earth: Hajj, Mecca. This city offers much more for the tourist who also wants to explore the cultural heritage of the country. As an emerging city, it provides an excellent base for science and engineering enthusiasts on this side of the world.

Shopping streets and outdoor sculptures

Before being the commercial centre of Saudi Arabia, the city of Jeddah was known as a fishing hamlet, discovered during the excavations of the secrets of the city. Weather conditions make the city warm in summer with mild and mild weather at other times. The developing economy has made Jeddah a paradise for money. King Abdulla Street is home to corporate offices and international workplaces that keep Jeddah’s economic fervour alive and thriving.

For those whose interests are not focused on emerging economies and investments, they can check out Tahaliyah Street, which offers avid buyers the chance to test their negotiation skills. Here you will find luxury malls and global brands for shopping. This city, largely populated by Muslims, has more than 1,300 mosques waiting to be explored to understand the importance of their religion for the people of Saudi Arabia. Here you can also see the grandeur of the outdoor sculptures. It would be interesting to know that the human representation of living forms through sculptures is not allowed in the city. As a result, you will see a sparkling array of inorganic objects, including that of a large bicycle presented to its spectators.

Cultural Heritage

There is no denying that Jeddah has a lot to offer in terms of culture and traditions. It is a deeply traditional place, and you will see the culture created long ago by their museums and art collections. The regional museum of archaeology and ethnography of Jeddah, the Nasseef house and the museum of the human inheritance all offer a great spectacle to the tourists of the whole world.

Stay in Jeddah

Although budget accommodation is preferable if you are short of money, it is always better to stay in hotels as budgeted Western stays are not encouraging. However, Jeddah has a wide variety of 3 and 4-star hotels which are a little easier to transport. Expansive properties are also plentiful with the Golden Tulip providing you with luxurious and elegant accommodation to meet all your needs.