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Jobs in Niagara Falls – Various job opportunities in this popular tourist destination

Finding a job almost everywhere today can be a difficult task, even for the most qualified person. Just because it’s a challenge doesn’t make it impossible, and when you narrow down your goal and figure out what works best for you, finding work in the Niagara Falls area can be a good bet.

Niagara Falls is a popular tourist attraction. There are several reasons why people travel here, including the natural beauty of the area, the casinos, the wineries and of course the waterfalls themselves. To find a job, you need to determine which area you are most interested in or qualified for. I have compiled a list of the largest or most popular work areas in Niagara Falls to help you find the perfect job.

Types of jobs and specific places that offer it in Niagara fall

Hydro Generation

The original tree of the city of Niagara Falls came because this is where hydroelectricity started in North America. The very first generation station was built here and the city still supplies much of hungry North America with its electricity. With a new tunnel designed to supply more water to hydroelectric plants under construction, there is a bright future in Niagara for everyone in the industry. This means that everything from security guards, maintenance and office workers to fully qualified engineers, electricians and line workers will continue to be in demand as the service grows.

Niagara Parks

Niagara Parks is responsible for the maintenance of the park’s landscapes, waterfalls, and Niagara Gorge. They employ many different people, maintenance and gardeners, and administrative staff; In addition to running tourist information kiosks, they even have their police force, the Niagara Parks Police. A career in Niagara Parks can be very rewarding and many positions involve individual interaction with the public.

The wine industry

The entire Niagara region is known worldwide for its wine production, especially for its ice wine. Many vineyards in the region are constantly looking for new experienced workers to meet the needs of a growing industry.
While many jobs in this field require training in the wine field, there are some, such as front-end sales and hospitality, that can help get you started. If you already have a background in wine, Niagara employs people in all categories of the wine industry.


The Niagara Falls accommodation industry is very large. There is one hotel here that represents just about every popular hotel in North America. Today Canada’s largest hotel, the Hilton and Suites Niagara Falls is taller than the Skylon Tower. Hotel careers include everything from valet parking, bellman and maid service to the reception, room service, kitchen staff, and hotel management. Hotels are like small towns and need a lot of staff to work efficiently. Entry-level positions are generally available in the spring when tourism and room reservations begin to accelerate.


The city of Niagara Falls has two casinos, Casino Niagara and Fallsview Casino Resort. Both are very popular and have many functions. The most common jobs in either include security guards, table members, locksmiths, maintenance, cleaning, restaurant and bar staff, and management staff.

Restaurants and bars

known as the hotel industry, restaurants, bars, clubs, and function rooms are found in all cities of the world. However, unlike most cities, Niagara Falls is suitable for customers around the world. For this reason, these places are always looking for talent from around the world. The restaurant industry in Niagara Falls is very similar to the hotel industry. They hire most of their workers in the spring and fall to help larger tourists. This type of work is ideal for students who can work part-time or in summer.


This is why the falls are famous. People from all over the world travel here to get a glimpse of the natural wonder and to see all the beauty that surrounds this place. The Niagara Falls tourism industry has a very broad job description and is the source of many jobs during the busy season. This industry includes jobs for tour operators, bed and breakfast staff, vendors, amusement operators and store clerks.