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Johannesburg – Exploring the Unique African Culture

Johannesburg is the largest city in South Africa and a prosperous city. It is also a focal point for African history and cultural tradition. This quality makes it a popular destination for vacationers, especially those looking for the ultimate city experience. If you are planning to travel to Johannesburg, remember that you must have a passport before departure.

The apartheid museum

All of Africa is characterized by its long history of violence, cruelty, oppression and death. A visit to the Apartheid Museum is a powerful reminder of a part of this history. The Johannesburg Art Gallery is another good museum, although the subject is very different. It is the largest art gallery on the continent and displays works of art from around the world. The Origins Center of the South African Museum of Rock Art is a great place to explore the origins of humanity.

Lion park

In Johannesburg, don’t make the mistake of missing Lion Park. It is different from a zoo because the wildlife walks in a natural environment, but visitors are allowed to approach it very close. This includes reaching lion cubs, feeding huge giraffes, and a guided or unaccompanied tour of the park, where you can get so close to zebras, meerkats, and even adult lions.


If you want to shop for authentic, handcrafted souvenirs, head to Rosebank for the Sunday flea market. Located on the roof of a shopping centre, it’s a fun and different way to do some shopping. If you can’t get there on Sundays, the mall below is open every day of the week. Another great place for shopping is the Oriental Plaza, with more than 350 independent stores. The owners of these stores are eager to negotiate prices, a practice not common in Johannesburg.


Another nice area to visit is Melville. Known for its artistic atmosphere, eclectic places to shop and trendy little restaurants, this is a great place to shop and explore one of the super colourful districts of Johannesburg.