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Nomination for permanent residence in Ontario City, Canada – Check how to be among the beneficial


The Ontario Immigrants Program (OINP) allows foreign workers, international students, and others with the appropriate skills, experience, and education to apply for a permanent residence permit in Ontario.

The OINP regional migration pilot project will help bridge the shortfall in local employment and support economic growth by spreading awareness of the program and increasing its absorption in rural and small communities.

About the pilot

The two-year trial version will start in early 2020. It will include:

  • About 150 nominations were assigned under the Employer Job Category to applicants addressed to experimental communities
  • Marketing and awareness-raising to raise awareness among local employers
    Supporting business service for employers
  • Partnership with stakeholders to take advantage of the influx of entrepreneurs to succeed in local businesses
    Note that the Regional Pilot for Migration operates within the employer supply streams at OINP. There is no separate set of experimental criteria. If you qualify for any of the OINP employer job offer flows and your full-time job offer from an employer is located in a pilot community, you may be eligible for the trial version.
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The goal of the pilot

The goal is to attract highly-skilled immigrants to rural and small communities in Ontario to fill local labor market gaps and help spread the benefits of economic migration across the province.


The results of the experiment will enrich the future policies of the OINP program, including future structuring efforts.

How to participate

If you are an OINP applicant, you may want to explore opportunities to move to or work in partner communities. The application for applications under the experimental regional migration program has not yet been opened. Please watch the OINP website for more information on portal and apps in early 2020.

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Community Partnership

The communities participating in the pilot project are:

  • Chatham Kent
  • Bellville and Quint West cities
  • Cornwall

How societies were chosen

The partner communities were chosen based on the interest of the stakeholders in the community and:

  • Distinctive properties
  • Small town representation and rural diversity
  • Specific skilled employment challenges
  • The ability to help new arrivals settle in

OINP works with local partners in every community to successfully implement the experiment, including:

  • Municipal governments
  • Business
  • Economic development organizations
  • Settlement organizations
  • Universities and colleges