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Permanent Residency in the UK – Check out The Requirements


Immigrants to the United Kingdom have long sought permanent residence. The permanent residency certificate has become more desirable given the current uncertainty surrounding the UK’s stance towards the European Union. Applying for a license as a permanent resident at first may seem a relatively straightforward process, requiring that a person has lived in the United Kingdom and exercised their rights under the treaty for a continuous period of five years. However, many applicants find it challenging to meet the requirements and prove their permanent residency status.


The applicant must reside permanently in the United Kingdom for five years. There are limits to how long a person can be absent from the UK to qualify as a resident. Not having six months or less, or in extraordinary circumstances of 12 months or less, will not interfere with residency. Any absence during the protest period must be detailed and certified in the application.

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The exercise of treaty rights can be a complex expression, as it is not limited to employment only. In fact, in some cases, the job has not been considered sufficient due to the registration requirements of migrant workers. The exercise of treaty rights includes working, seeking employment, self-employment, self-employment, or studying in the United Kingdom. There are various limitations associated with each category, each of which requires substantial and continuous evidence.


Partner or husband

When the applicant relies on the rights of the spouse or partner in the European Economic Area in their application, the residence and employment criteria must be met by the spouse or partner in the European Economic Area.

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Comprehensive health insurance

One of the biggest pitfalls that we see is the requirement of full health insurance for those who claim to have been self-employed or students for some time. The need for comprehensive health insurance is not waived through the right to treatment under the NHS or by paying contributions to the National Insurance. Comprehensive health insurance must cover the required period (as a self-employed person or as a student), come from a British provider, and provide extended coverage. There are circumstances in which the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is sufficient for this purpose, but this depends on both the validity of the card for the period in question and the country of export.

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It is highly recommended that those planning to apply for a permanent residence certificate, or who wish to study it in the future, keep detailed records of employment and residency in the UK.