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Tips for Finding Sponsored Jobs in Australia

Finding an Australian employer to sponsor you can be the most difficult part when you emigrate to Australia. Most people look for a sponsor by applying on job sites or in newspapers. Did you know that only around 30% of all jobs are published here? There are theories that around 70% of all jobs in Australia are in the ‘hidden job market’, which means they are not advertised through regular media channels.

1. Do your research.

You will not often find Australian employers who advertise that they are looking for someone to sponsor from abroad. The main reason is that if someone with the requisite skills is in Australia, it is easier for the Australian employer to offer employment to someone who is already based in Australia and can start working immediately, compared hire a foreigner and follow the sponsorship process, costs and time for the sponsored person to enter service in Australia.
It is also unlikely that you will find an Australian employer to sponsor you through a recruitment agency unless that recruitment agency expressly states in its job offer that the Australian employer is willing to sponsor the right candidate.

2. Global businesses

Look for international companies based both in your home country, and in Australia, and find out if they offer transfer options international companies often do. While this may mean that you have to work in your home country for a while before an opportunity arises in Australia, it is worth it in the long run if it means that you can emigrate to Australia through this company. Global organizations are also often impressive on your CV / CV.

3. Keep track

Keep a list of the companies that interest you and contact them. I recommend calling the manager of the department where you want to work. If this fails, contact the human resources department. Find out if it’s a company that wants to sponsor someone from another country with the right skills. Find out how often they destroy applications / CVs / CVs – most companies in Australia hold 3-6 months on applications, so to be sure, you need to track your applications every three months. Keep track of all the dates you apply and talk to the company so you can easily stay with your Australian applications.

4. Plan a trip to Australia

Once you’ve got a pretty healthy list of companies you’d like to work for, then you should plan a trip to Australia where you can meet all of the employers. If you can’t make an appointment with each employer, still plan to visit the company, send your updated resume, and try to come for the manager or a human resources manager.
By establishing this vital link with Australian employers, you reach them on a personal level, and if they love you, they are more likely to consider sponsorship than if they had not met you at all.

5. Volunteer work experience

The businesses that are most acceptable to volunteers are charities and nonprofits. Approach them and install it before your arrival in Australia so that you can integrate it into your plan for your trip to Australia.

6. Study and Australia

This is a great opportunity to network and gain valuable Australian experience and skills. There is certainly an advantage to applying when you are already in Australia, as you are immediately available for interviews. It creates that personal connection with Australian employers.