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Top Five countries to study in Europe

Study in Europe

Studying abroad is a success and a life-changing experience, but it usually involves high costs and many other higher demands that may be difficult for some students. For such students, it is a good option to study in Europe. There are many European countries where the conditions for obtaining a student visa are not that high and some countries are profitable.

You will find an ideal destination abroad, where you can take advantage of your cheap learning and living education. If you are probably studying abroad, you should also consider some of the most economic countries in the EU for your studies. Let’s go to the most economical places where you can get your internationally recognized diploma at affordable prices:

Study in Germany:

With the motto quality education for everyone, Germany is one of the leading study destinations in Europe. German universities are known to offer their students a world-class education and advanced research opportunities. There are around 300 universities in Germany (10 world-class universities) in which more than 900 international programs are available. The cost of living in some German cities may be higher than in other cities in Europe, but in the case of tuition fees, Germany is a very cheap country.

More information about the benefits of studying in Germany is as follows:

  • Education is given in an interactive and dynamic way, at an affordable price for all students.
    The high level of quality education, safety and quality of life makes it the most important destination for higher education.
  • A varied range of study options and retention options.
  • Due to the increase in the number of international students, a wide range of programs is available in English.
  • International students with good academic results also receive scholarships to finance their studies in Germany.
  • The experience is offered as an internship under the program, making it easier to get a job after the course is completed.
  • The ability to learn a new language that can open many doors.

Study in France:

France is a place of study abroad where you can learn in a prestigious international environment. With many higher education institutions in forty cities, France is a cheap country to study abroad. 9 out of 10 international students recommend France as a study destination in Europe. This destination is especially preferred by students who love French culture.

Below you will find information about the benefits of studying in this highly recommended study destination in Europe:

  • Excellent research and development opportunities with advanced training tailored to the needs of students.
  • France is a world-class economic superpower with attractive tuition fees.
  • There are many leading international companies such as Airbus, Total, Orange, LVMH, L-Oreal and Danon in France.
  • In France, young talent is appreciated in terms of innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • France is a fascinating destination for students from all over the world and French is the third most-used business language.

Study in Hungary:

Hungary is one of the best places to study. This country is a member of the European Union and the Schengen State. There are five world-class universities in Hungary, which is enough for a small European country. A wide range of studies is offered to foreign students in Hungary. In addition to Hungarian cultural life, students can also follow high-level university education. Hungary is a beautiful country in Eastern Europe, also economically, the cost of living in most cities is not very high. Budapest, the capital of Hungary, includes the most leading universities in the country.

More information about the benefits of studying in Hungary is as follows:

  • Compared to most European countries, tuition fees and the cost of living in Hungary are relatively economical.
  • Lessons are taken 100% in English, but students can learn the Hungarian language to facilitate communication in the country.
  • Many universities in Hungary are fully open and available to international students.
  • It is also possible to work in Hungary during your studies.
  • The world ranking is very high for most universities in Hungary

Study in Lithuania:

Lithuania is home to 15 higher education institutions, which offer their students a large number of cheaper English-language education programs. Lithuania is a less well-known European country, but every year more than 3,000 foreign students come to study. The cost of living in Lithuania is the lowest in Europe. There are four major cities in Lithuania, of which Vilnius, the capital, and Kaunas are the most popular.

The characteristics of the studies in Lithuania include:

  • Lithuania offers a friendly and safe environment with internationally renowned accommodation for international students.
  • Thanks to excellent academic and research facilities, Lithuanian qualifications are the most sought after in the world.
  • The country with less tuition and lower living costs, compared to most European countries.
  • Lithuania is the most bilingual and well-educated country in Europe and offers first-class education.
  • With emerging regions and a strong economy, this country occupies a very high position in the Human Development Index.

Study in Spain:

Spain is a fascinating country for students who are interested in making friends and enjoying the sun cheaply. The Mediterranean climate, friendly people, affordable prices and the opportunity to learn Spanish skills make it attractive for international students. Thousands of new international students are now choosing Spain as an option to study abroad. You can choose from seventy universities. In some major cities, monthly expenses for food bills, social activities, transportation and accommodation costs are not that high.

Below you will find information about the benefits of studying in Spain and student life in major cities:

  • By staying in Spain, you can travel to other European countries easily and cheaply.
  • Many courses are available in English, whether it is economics, business administration, engineering, fashion, etc.
  • Spain has the lowest cost of living in Europe.
  • Spain has the fourth-best healthcare system in the world.
  • The university is located in different cities of the country, so you can choose your favourite college in every city.
  • This country is endowed with exceptional weather conditions, beaches, islands and historical culture.

These are the 5 most recommended study destinations in Europe, so if you plan to study in Europe, consider these options, as there are many more in Europe. It, therefore, depends on what you want for your higher education and the right country, depending on your needs.