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Types of Visas Allowing Indians to Study, Work or Live in Australia

Australia is today the hot spot of the Indians. This can be to visit magnificent artificial attractions such as the Sydney Opera House or natural attractions such as the Great Barrier Reef, or study in the best universities almost equivalent to the American standard, or work in the country’s well-paid labour market. Whatever the reason, going to Australia is a prospect that almost all Indians dream of emigrating abroad.

What should we do now to manifest this dream? First, we need to know what options are available to us. There are different types of visas that Indians can visit, work or emigrate to Australia. Another set of documents is to be processed by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) and other relevant authorities for the issuance of a visa.

1. Employment Visa

An employment visa is an option for skilled workers around the world to settle and work in Australia. Skillselect implements a points-based system. Points are calculated based on age, education, experience, skills, adaptability and language. The most important job visa is the 457 visa that comes with a job offer from an Australian employer. As well, applicants may use regional state sponsorship to practice a federal profession in a designated regional region of Australia.

2.Student Visa

Australia is the third most popular international destination and 7 of the top 100 international universities. An Australian institution/university must respect the global standards of production in the workplace and the government ensures that foreign students can follow the best possible training. The Australian Government spends more than $ 200 million a year on international scholarships, and Australian universities are among the top 50 universities in the world of arts and humanities; Clinic, pre-clinical and health; Engineering and Technology; Life sciences; Natural Sciences and Social Sciences.

3. Permanent Residency

Permanent resident status is the most striking proposal of the Australian government. A person who achieves proportional representation in Australia can receive rights equivalent to those of an Australian citizen and can enjoy all the benefits of home, education, medical care and infrastructure. To get a PR, you must live and work in the country for at least 4 years.

4. Skilled Visa

Migrating to Australia based on your skills is one of the dreams of most Indian professionals and Skillselect paves the way for this dream. All needed to do is to place a Declaration of Interest, and all the information about your education, skills and experience according to the points awarded will be placed on the winning list. A total of at least 60 points is required to attain in the list.

5. Family Visa

If you are in Australia with one of the abovementioned visas, your family members or acquaintances in Australia can visit you with the family visa. There are different options for parents, spouse / dependent, dependent children, etc. The Australian government has a provision for this in the context of the parent visa and the husband’s visa.