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Visa Information and Guides for the United States

A citizen of another country who wishes to enter the United States must obtain an American visa. After approval, the American visa documents are placed in the passport of the foreigner. A visa does not guarantee access to the United States. It determines the compactibility of the person who wishes to settle down in the United States. The Border Protection Agency, a department of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Customs, CBP will also decide whether the foreigner can enter the United States with the approved US visa or not.

American Visas – Use them to enter the United States:

With the help of an American visa, one can go to a designated port of entry in the United States. It can be a US airport or a land border crossing. The foreigner must then request permission from the Customs and Border Protection Inspector to enter the United States. Having a visa does not warrant entry into the United States, but it does indicate that the person is eligible for entry for this specific purpose. It depends on the decision of the Department of Homeland Security and Customs and Border Protection if the person can enter the United States.

American Visas – Types:

There are two types of American visas. One is classified as an immigrant visa and the other is a non-immigrant visa. Immigrants American visas are used by foreigners who come to the United States to establish permanent residence. American visas for non-immigrants are issued to people who want to go temporarily to the United States (business or leisure). The type of visa is determined by the purpose of the trip to the United States.

International travellers try to enter the United States for a variety of reasons, such as tourism, business, medical treatment, and other temporary work. These people must enter the United States on a non-immigrant United States visa.
If the foreign citizen wishes to enter the United States on an American immigrant visa, he/she must be sponsored by a United States citizen, a legal permanent resident, or by a potential employer who offers foreigner employment in the United States.

Another way to get U.S. visas is the U.S. Lottery Program, which is run once a year by the U.S. government and is also called the Diversity Visa Lottery Program. It is also called the green card lottery program. The green card lottery program provides 50,000 visas each year to people who meet the requirements of the US Department of Foreign Affairs, such as countries with low rates of immigration to the United States. These candidates are randomly selected from the submissions. This program is managed by the United States Department of Foreign Affairs from its Kentucky consular centre.

All US visa applicants are generally interviewed at a US consulate in the foreign country before obtaining a visa. Applicants must present themselves in person at the consulate for the interview. Applicants must provide the necessary documents, including their passport, when they go to the US Consulate for their interview. If the visa is approved, applicants must have their fingerprints taken. All applicants approved for US visas are informed in writing.