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What you need to know about Media Careers

When you think of a career in the media, you may think only of the person who hosts the morning news; however, there are many more careers in the media that are less obvious, but also very challenging and rewarding. The media and the good and want to know is very important today, and this has made working in the media sector competitive and in high demand. While working in this area is not easy, with looming deadlines and odd hours, it is a great career to consider. Various media careers

There are many different careers in the media industry, and some are highly publicized, while others blend into the background. One of the most prolific careers in the media is that of news analysts or news anchors. This career involves taking news from various sources and interpreting, examining and even disseminating this news. Usually in this type of job, there are specialities such as sports and weather. Journalists have very similar jobs; However, they usually do the footwork and find the stories that the anchors use in the news.

Behind the scenes in the media industry, there are very important people. There are great careers as video technicians, audio technicians, sound engineers, radio operators, and broadcast technicians. While they may not be as visible as journalists and news anchors, without these careers, the rest would be a flop. These careers are very important and very technical too, so they are in great demand.

Another media career that many people overlook is a writing career. Writers often write scripts for news reports and other types of news distribution, and they often write newspaper articles, magazine articles, and even books. There are also great media careers in publishing because someone has to edit the writing of these writers. Some other careers in the media industry include photographers, advertisers, translators, public relations specialists, and video camera editors.

Education required

The education that is required for jobs in the media industry depends on your specific career, but most of these jobs require that you hold a bachelor’s degree. The various technicians in this field will need specialized training to master the highly technical equipment used today in media broadcasting. Journalists, anchors, and correspondents generally must have a degree in communications or journalism, although employers sometimes consider those who have other majors in college. Writers are generally required to have a degree in literature, journalism, communication or English. One of the most important qualifications that employers look for in this field is experience such as activities and internships in the field of your choice.

Possible wages

How much you earn in the media industry will also depend on the specific career you have chosen. The salary range is quite varied with many average paid jobs and a few jobs that pay extremely well. Writers and publishers can generally expect to earn between $ 25,000 and $ 60,000 each year, with some earning more than $ 100,000. Journalists and correspondents typically earn between $ 20,000 and $ 50,000 each year, while news anchors and analysts are paid more and generally earn between $ 25,000 and $ 70,000, with casual anchor making more than $ 100,000 a year. Various technicians, such as sound, video and broadcast technicians can generally expect to earn between $ 20,000 and $ 50,000 depending on their experience and the company they work for.

Excellent employers

Whatever type of career you choose in the media industry, you want to work for a fair employer with good wages and benefits. There are many large companies you can work for in this industry, and a few in the United States include CBS, Fox News, National CineMedia and Cumulus Broadcasting. Not only are there great employers in the United States, but there are also great employers in Canada if you live or want to work in Canada. Great employers to consider in Canada include Hollywood Canada Communications, CBC Radio Canada, World Vision Canada, and TeleToon Canada Inc.